A Guided Tour of the Woodstock Area -2

Most people's first experience of Woodstock, Vermont is the drive into the village on Route 4 from I-89 or I-91. One just can't help noticing the three competing gas stations on a corner; Cumberland Farms, Maplefields and a Sunoco. Thank goodness they kept the gas stations on the edge of town!

After passing the gas stations, you roll into town on Pleasant Street, passing some of the major inns and bed and breakfasts on your left. . These include the Canterbury House, The Village Inn of Woodstock, the Ardmore Inn, the Charleston House and the Shire Motel. The road bends a bit to the left at the Charleston House and you then see the start of the retail district, beginning with the First Community Bank of Woodstock on your right.

The Woodstock Courthouse in Spring

As you head into the center of the village you'll see the post office on your right, terraced shopping, galleries and fine clothing stores on your left. About 50 yards further on you'll come to a T junction with a lamp post in the center of the intersection. On the left is Elm Street which used to be one of the prettiest streets in Woodstock until the elms fell victim to elm's disease. Bentley's Restaurant and Gillinghams is located here with the Woodstock Historical Society building next to it and further down the street is the Congregational Church. Straight ahead on Pleasant street is the Green and to the left of this, the Woodstock Inn.

The Woodstock Inn dominates Woodstock and to a large extent, controls its economy. The Inn owns and operates the Suicide Six ski area behind Mount Tom. It owns and operates the Woodstock Touring Center.

You won't see any utility poles or overhead wires in the village because the Rockefellers had them buried underground.

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A wedding carriage through town

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